Walking Between The Raindrops
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"A Love story without the love"

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Stanley meets Sarah at a party. They begin casually spending time together as they juggle their responsibilities as college students in Southern California. Stanley is a film major and Sarah a psychology major. Their different career interests and values make for some very interesting and humorous conversations, which not only effectively highlight their unique personalities but also some of the major differences between men and women. Told from Stanley's point of view, the viewer is steadily drawn into Stanley's world and his developing feelings towards Sarah. As Stanley and Sarah spend more and more time together, Stanley discovers that he has fallen in love with her. He believes he has found "the one."

Through Stanley's internal dialogues and his comic, down-to-earth conversations with his friends Chris and John, the viewer becomes privy to Stanley's inner conflicts around telling Sarah of his feelings and in turn finding out whether she feels the same towards him. Stanley's situation is further complicated, and his emotions sent into a tailspin, when he unexpectedly meets Sarah's boyfriend Pete at a party.

Although devastated at first, Stanley maintains his relationship with Sarah and continues to hold onto the hope that her feelings are reciprocal. Stanley grows even closer to Sarah after she reluctantly shares with him the problems in her relationship with Pete. Shortly thereafter, when Sarah informs Stanley that she has broken up with Pete, he makes the decision to confess his love to her.

The two make plans to meet at a party. Stanley decides that this is finally the evening to tell Sarah of his true feelings. So, with a bouquet of flowers in hand, Stanley arrives at the party and goes looking for Sarah. However, to his great surprise, he finds Sarah flirting, laughing and thoroughly engrossed in a conversation with his best friend John. Dejected and crushed, Stanley quickly leaves the party and throws his flowers onto the pavement before driving away. In a voice over, Stanley explains his actions. He states that although some people may believe him hasty, he sensed something in their interaction that lead him to realize that Sarah would never feel towards him the way he wanted her to. That ultimately, they were just good friends and nothing more.

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