Walking Between The Raindrops
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"This flic perfectly hit what most men go through when they slowly fall in love with a woman. Hey, a love story told through a man's point of view! Through voice-overs and interview like settings we learn what is actually going on inside Stanley's mind pertaining to Sarah. However, what's even better is how Stanley relates his inner conflict with his two buddies Chris and John. I am sure most men know through experience that it is not wise to get relationship advice from buddies while playing video games. Philosophizing over Playstation is a sure recipe for disaster. I also love the way Stanley expresses his few instances of happiness while alone, i.e., fake boxing, karate kicking, and blowing kisses to an invisible crowd. Way funny… finally, a movie about a conflicted man in love…take that Lifetime Channel! Great Indie!"

"WALKING BETWEEN THE RAINDROPS is an analytical exercise in the style of Woody Allen. It's an engaging little soap opera with some interesting observations to make about relationships. It's about an awkward, nerdy dope named Stan (writer Evan Jacobs) and his love for an out-of-his-league woman named Sarah (the very good Rachel Stolte). (If this had been a Woody Allen film, the lead character would have gotten laid inexplicably early on.)

It was really nice to watch their relationship develop at its own pace, growing with each conversation into a state that both of them have a hard time comprehending. Some of their meetings are charming, while some are merely "charming" in an Allen/Keaton/lobster kinda way. The film stays with Stan as he tries to figure it all out by himself (he narrates) and with a little help from his friends.

Anyone who has experienced what they thought was love but ultimately ended up in loss, and can give themselves over to this film, may find it genuinely heartbreaking. It shows that successful relationships are about knowing what to do and when and how, and how costly it can be when you don't know for sure. Abruptly, WALKING BETWEEN THE RAINDROPS ends how you might have thought it should when it began. But when the ending does come, it's kinda devastating.

Kudos to Lindenmuth (whose resume includes the ADDICTED TO MURDER films) for branching out into other genres."

- Chris Sharpe, EYEBALL Magazine

"WALKING BETWEEN THE RAINDROPS is an involving micro-budget drama about the dysfunction of modern male-female relationships, about how some can easily mistake platonic friendship for something entirely more meaningful."

"WALKING BETWEEN THE RAINDROPS is filmmaking at its finest, in a smorgasbord of dialogue and inner struggle to express oneself to the one that could change your life forever."

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