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  Monday, November 18, 2002
Interview with John Bowker on EVILMAKER 2

Here's a brief Q & A with director John Bowker on THE EVILMAKER 2...

Q: EM2 is a direct sequel, concerning a sister of one of the previous victims who tries to find out what happened. How did your idea for the sequel come about?

JOHN: From out of nowhere, actually. I was sitting down at the computer trying to figure out how to continue the story. My original idea was to have the character of Serena in a mental institution haunted by nightmares of Rachel and the whole experience and then one night she brakes out and heads back out to the house to confront it all. Once I figured out that wouldn’t work, was stuck with the dilemma of what to do and then it just hit me…have a sister try to figure it out! Then it snowballed from there.

Q: Stephanie Beaton, who starred in the first, is not in this one. Was it a matter of availability and budget?

JOHN: Stephanie was willing to do it, but there were problems on my end. The shoot for Evilmaker one was a nine-day straight shoot with no breaks. No one could afford to take time off from work like that again, so the shoot was spread out over several months. I just couldn’t afford to bring her out 5 different times for long weekends. There was also the risk of bringing her out here and then having someone else flake out on us (it happened a couple of times) and then she would be here and we wouldn’t be able to shoot anything. It would have been different if LA were two hours down the road, but 18…

Q: How did you find your new lead actress, Kylene Wetherell?

JOHN: Well, many moons ago she was in a short called The Eyeball Of Fear (Joe Sherlock, F&C Productions) and I met her on the set of that. She was a ton of fun and asked her if she would be willing to do anything else and she was like “sure”. So, a couple of months later I cast her in a small part of a zombie in my first production, Dreamwalkers and then lost contact with her. Several years later when it came time for Evilmaker 2, was running through my head of possibilities and she popped up and then I hunted her down. He was very excited to do it and the rest they say is history.

Q: EM2 also features familiar actors you’ve used in many of your previous productions….

JOHN: Yeah, I have a stock core of actors that I like to use because I know they love to do this and are as dedicated as I am. Once in a while I will bring in someone new, but once they experience the 17 hour days..they lose interest real quick. These people I know enjoy doing it, so I know when they say they will be there, they will. I try to write rolls for everyone (ask them up front) and get an idea of how many days they want to commit so I know how big of roles to write for them.

Q: Which character (from any of your movies) is Felicia Pandolfi most like?

JOHN: None, actually. LOL. Felicia is a wonderful person who is into art and graphic design. She acts so well, you can almost believe that she is like the characters I write for her. Evil and vengeful, but she’s not like that at all. She has quite the sense of humor and is always joking around. I really feel that she could do some big things if she were to take it more seriously, but for her right now it’s just something she likes to do.

Q: Who did your movie’s digital effects?

JOHN: Benjamin Cooper from Thunderhead Entertainment. We did a trade off for the effects for Evilmaker 2. I helped with a story idea he had and he in turn did the effects. The guy is really good and awesome to work with. He was fast and efficient. He makes movies in his own right, The Omega Diary being one of them and he is currently working on one called The Brink. Very talented person with great things heading his way. I loved the effects he did for me.

Q: EM2 is very open-ended, just screaming (no pun intended) for a sequel. When will EM3 happen?

JOHN: I have the story idea on how to finish out the trilogy, but have yet to set up a shooting date. It took me two years after the first Evilmaker was shot to do the second one. I guess it all depends on everyone’s schedules as to when it will get shot. I do want to do it though, would like to have a complete story and part 3 will wrap it up. Hopefully soon.

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