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Synopsis: A man breaks into a suburban house and ties up the owner as hostage, believing him to be the mass murderer who killed his young daughter. But not just a regular serial killer-this man may be a for real monster who is using the internet to capture his victims. And he then begins to introduce his captor to his world…

When a police officer investigating a string of gruesome murders is murdered himself, a botanical monster emerges to terrorize-or is it to save?-the rain-drenched community of Cthulhu Gardens, U.S.A.

A tabloid reporter stops for gas-and encounters some mighty strange attendants.

And a woman fails in her attempts to find true love, just maybe because she keeps on killing her boyfriends!

Directed by Andy Kumpon, Wayne Spitzer, Chris Mack and Kevin Lindenmuth

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Andy Kumpon - (Director)
- Read about Andy Kumpon

Wayne Spitzer - (Director)
- Read about Wayne Spitzer

Chris Mack - (Director)
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The dawn of a new millennia made Flesh-Resonance reality. Dark ideas began mutating into solid musical form, melding the past, present and future together into a total music experience. Unafraid to cross the boundaries of set genres and willing to step into the realms of the experimental, Flesh-Resonance is here to melt your mind.

Band History:
Tony Longworth and Keith Hill were founding members of the acclaimed UK Death Metal act Morbid Symphony. In the past few years Tony has gone on to concentrate on his own solo work while Keith formed the up and coming band Twin Method. Together with the excellent synth skills of Andy Morris and the haunting vocals of Melanie Webb, they are once again reunited to create something far darker than ever before.

Tony Longworth (bass, vocals)
Keith Hill (guitar, vocals)
Andy Morris (keyboard)
Melanie Webb (vocals)

Our eagerly awaited debut album 'The Dark Between The Stars' has been unleashed and is available to purchase online. Containing 14 tracks of awesome ambient-electro-rock and complimented with full-colour professional artwork, the whole album weighs in at just under 60 minutes.

We're currently hard at work on our 2nd album & it's shaping up nicely. It has a running time of 70+ minutes & the new tracks have the familiar contrasting Flesh-Resonance style similiar to our debut ranging from the softer acoustic numbers to the all-out guitar onslaught. We feel our song writing has matured greatly since that 1st release, with the overall album being a much more solid product. No firm release date as of yet but check our official site for updates.


"I strongly recommend trying to get your hands on the "MONSTERSDOTCOM" DVD or Video. If you want to see how low budget filmmaking can be made well--then these group of small films will make you happy." - THE HORROR REVIEW

"What we have here is some highly original storytelling, thick atmoshpere, and surprisingly good visual flare..." - THE BLOODY GOOD HORROR PAGE

"I just finished watching another indie short that will appear on a anthology film alongside this. When it comes out it would be a wise purchase because both of the shorts are good, and especially Last Stop Station." - HORROR DOMAIN

SHADOWS IN THE GARDEN is a sympathetic film that reminds us that the reality of man is much more monstrous than any fictional creature. Highly recommended! - Mark Engle CULT CUTS MAGAZINE

"it's a cool short film to have in your collection... - MORBID MORTUARY

"LSS proves you don't need lots of money to make a cool movie!" - BURNOUT CENTRAL

"...but a good story and a lot of heart can blur the line between hundred dollars and a million." - HORRORVIEW

" really does a nice job of giving the viewer and uneasy feeling while watching it. The creatures are cool looking and the movie was nicely made. I recommend everyone to check it out!" - ALL HORROR MOVIES

"This fun short film from writer/director/star Andy fine thanks to good black and white photography, a musical score that's above average and lots of humorous and tongue-in-cheek moments...Kumpon proves himself as a competent director..." - THE VIDEO GRAVEYARD

"when a something comes along that at least tries to do something a little different, but also uses something that is much needed in Hollywood, that being style and atmosphere, it does make me take notice."

"...what Kumpon does here is create a good sense of eerie atmosphere of a deserted gas station, one that tends to be off the main road or highway. And even adding to the atmosphere, is the original music composed and performed by director Kumpon and Eric Gollinger." - KITLEYS KRYPT

"It's kind of a Brothers Grimm style fairy tale to convince children not to open email attachments." - www.THEYRECOMING.COM

"you can't help but respect this film for it quality filmmaking." -

"It was a lot of fun" - CULTCUTS Magazine

"This movie definately had a lot of heart and a lot of entertainment value. As always, the folks at Brimstone Productions established what could be done with those low budget pitfalls." -

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