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Q: How did you get involved making movies?

JEFF: It was the summer of 1996 and I had seen an ad in a local paper looking for production help on a low budget movie. I was thrilled at the prospects of being on a real movie set. My friends that I had made short films with were all gone and I had no one of similar interests to hang with anymore. I was definitely excited. The name of the company was Salt City Video.

I did answer the ad and discovered that the film was a bit smaller than I had thought. But that didn't bother me. I was on a movie set! People all around me focusing on the same goal! It was a very exciting time for me. And very inspiring . The director of the film had pretty much the same resources as I did and I learned that there actually was some sort of a market for movies shot on digital/video. A thought that had never occurred to me before.

As usual that year, like every other, I was consumed with thoughts of making my own movie. This was the next best thing. The name of the movie was THE VICIOUS SWEET. Not only was I doing DP work and donating some of my equipment but had a small part in the movie as well. It was a lot of fun and I met some great people. This led to other work with that company and a starring role in another director's film. GUT-PILE.

A year went by and I continued to help them more and more. I worked on STRAWBERRY ESTATES(1997), LESS OF TWO EVILS, and did editing work on PERMANENT WAVES and I'VE KILLED BEFORE. But what I was really itching to do was direct. There had been some talk about this company helping me produce a project of my own. After turning in one script that was deemed too expensive I began writing CHILDREN OF THE SKY.

As a matter of fact the idea came to me on the STRAWBERRY ESTATES shoot. I had always been fascinated by UFO's and the myths of alien abductions. So that was what I based my story on. In the end I wound up parting company with Salt City. They began to produce the film but after a few discussions and conflicts I took the project and left over creative differences. A split was eventual anyway. Our goals were very different.

Q: What are some of the current projects you've worked on?

JEFF: A friend of mine Paul Cama is based in LA. He had this idea for a script about the legend of Bigfoot. Kind of a cross between Predator and Congo on a micro budget level. Several friends from LA actually flew here to Syracuse NY this February to shoot it. We shot in the absolute worst conditions I can imagine. Blizzard conditions, a VERY short schedule, and the area we shot in was terrible for clean sound.

I got to do some acting which I miss a lot. I haven't done any acting since I split with Salt City now they're Sub Rosa. It was great. I play the technical member of the group. I'd love to do more acting and will whenever possible.

Q: What do you think of the current state of indy filmmaking?

JEFF: I think there is a revolution happening. Filmmakers can now make movies for really low budgets that compare to Hollywood films. There's also a lot of crap coming out,. too. But the real problem is now getting noticed. Now there is going to be so much competition an ambitious filmmaker is going to have to work hard to stand out.

Q: Of the current "Scream Queens" out there, who would you like to work with in your next movie?

JEFF: There's a lot of Scream Queens I'd like to cast. The top of list would be Debbie Rochon. I worked with her on Sub Rosa's early version of Strawberry Estates. She was great to work with. Very professional and very talented. I would love the chance to direct. I was very impressed with her.

Q: You also do special effects…

JEFF: Recently I've been doing a variety of spfx shots for Brimstone's Alien Conspiracy series. It's been a lot of fun and a lot of work. The project has challenged and expanded my knowledge of certain programs I use. I've been doing laser shots, morphs, a ton of UFO' s in various settings and it's been great. I like being challenged and this project definitely did that.

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