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Bill Chaput has had a backgound in theater since 1984, but has only been doing film and television work since 1999. During that two year period, Bill has appeared on film with Kevin Kline and Rob Morrow in Universal Picture's "The Palace Thief" (slated for a Spring 2002 release), and has shared screen time on television with Eli Wallach and Patti Lupone in TNT's "Monday Night Mayhem: The Howard Cosell Story" (slated to premiere in January 2002) and with Richard Dreyfuss on CBS' "The Education of Max Bickford". Other recent television work includes an appearance on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" and national commercials for Wendy's, Miller Lite, and the FX Network. Bill's roles in independent film include Rip Baley (an obnoxious talk show host) in "Judgement Time" and an annoying cafe customer in "Murphy's Law" (both of Fountainhead Pictures), as well as Sheriff Burlow in "The Edge of Reality" for JB Productions. When Bill isn't calling in sick in order to honor acting commitments, he is employed as an accountant for the federal government. During his spare tiome on weekends, Bill can usually be found either in NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, or Baltimore giving his four hour seminar instructing new actors on how to find work.

Q: How did the acting bug bite you?

BILL: I was a late bloomer. While always being a lover of film, TV, and theater, I never acted until the age of 27 when I was asked to replace someone who dropped out of a local parish play. Once I got up on that stage, I was hooked and just started going to any and all community theater auditions from that point on.

Q: What was your first acting experience?

BILL: My first acting experience was in a strange combination of horror and musical comedy called "Dracula: The Musical?" in which I played Van Helsing. I was even given a romantic interest with the name of Miss Bubu Padoop. Watching my video copy of that performance today makes me cringe and wish I could have the opportunity to play that role again now that I have almost two decades of acting experience behind me.

Q: What was your weirdest acting experience?

Without a doubt, my weirdest acting experience was filming a Wendy's commercial on the Jersey shore on the morning of September 11, 2001 when I witnessed (from afirsthand the planes crashing into the World Trade Center

Q: Best/Worst Acting Experience on a movie

BILL: Since the choice for Edward Sparrow (the lead male role in "Blood of the Werewolf") was narrowed down to myself and the ultimate choice, Tony Luna (incidentally, one of the nicest and most helpful friends I have in this business), my best acting experience on a movie was trying to rip out Tony's throat with a knife during our fight scene. My worst acting experience was not being able to carry that out (Only kidding, Tony!), and in the end, having his girlfriend defend him by ripping my throat out.

Q: What do you think of genre films?

BILL: I really have no overriding preference for any one genre. Whether as an actor or as a filmgoer, I only look for a good story that is well told through the vision of a good director and through the talents of a well-cast ensemble of actors.

Q: Tell us about Rufus in BLOOD OF THE WEREWOLF segment, BLOOD REUNIONů

BILL: Rufus is a prototype of some of the managers I've worked for over the years as a federal accountant: A clueless idiot on his best days, who turns vicious and nasty on the bad days when things don't go his way.

Q: Tell us about your lord and master

BILL: Bruce Hallenbeck is that rare breed of director who, while having a definitiveness as to what he wants to capture on film, welcomes actor input on the execution of a scene. His fostering of a sense of teamwork and collaboration on his set makes Bruce a director that I would love to work with again. That's all, folks!

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